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We are two-time losers with Gerhards. I left this review on Yelp, and it magically got "filtered" - which means Yelp hides the review, apparently because Yelp does not like to post negative reviews on this business.

Most recent -- we purchased, thru our contractor, a window air conditioner. He picked it up from them and installed it. It didn't work - made clanging sound. He contacted them about returning it. They said no - even tho he was experienced contractor, they had to send out a tech to make sure it was really broken. Upon insistence from my contractor, tech was instructed to bring new unit with him. Meanwhile, I am paying hourly rate for the contractor to meet tech at our home. Tech shows up, agrees unit is broken, and tries to replace with new unit, but that turns out to be broken as well. Tech takes back new defective unit and leaves old unit (not sure why). My contractor again calls Gerhards and asks about third replacement unit - Gerhards responds that they cannot deliver another unit without charging for delivery. Contractor, totally fed up, takes original unit back to store, and gets refund (only good news in this story). Contractor buys A/C unit at Home Depot - installs and works fine.

Old story -- a few years ago we purchased a fridge from them. Despite measurements supposedly matching opening, fridge did not fit. I called Gerhards and they said they had a contractor that worked with them who would make fridge fit for small fee of $150. I said fine, and guy came out. After looking at the opening and the fridge and making some efforts to fit it in, he announced that this would take a day's work to fit into the space, including trimming cabinets, etc. He said charge would be $600 for this work. I said no, and brought in reputable contractor I had worked with in past. He said it was no problem, and in twenty minutes (and no charge) he fit the fridge into the opening. When I called Gerhards to report on the rip-off that their recommended contractor had attempted, they yelled at me for about five minutes about how reputable he was and how offbase I was, before I could even explain that my contractor had been able to fix the problem for free in 20 minutes. When I finally was able to tell them that, they got quiet and said they could not understand how that could happen, but they "would talk to" their contractor.

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