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Gerhards Appliances are nothing more than Two Bit lying *** artists. Not the fancy dressed, cunning, smart *** artists, they are the awkward, and clumsily, lie to your face kind.

I bought an LG washer dryer that was supposed to be delivered in two days. They called and said that it was on backorder. That alone is not what I am pissed about. That stuff happens. I email the OWNER, he calls me that night and says my units will be delivered the next day! WOW, I am so thankful to him over the phone, my wife and I cant believe it!!! I happily *** work the next day. THEY never show up. I call, no one call me back. I called the owner and spoke to him on the phone. He told me, get this, he told me he never called me the previous night...HAHAHHAHAHA what a tool!

Listen, don't use Gerhards because well they really are the worst retail establishment I ever stumbled across in my 42 years on the planet.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #797704

Two Bit lying *** artists. Not the fancy dressed, cunning, smart *** artists.

Thank you for clearing that up for me. :)


This experience doesn't surprise me, bought new Bosch washer 6 months ago, leaky door from day one, still not fixed, Gerhard's will do nothing, told me to deal with Bosch. They could care less after the sale.

My advice is go somewhere else. :(

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