Do not buy anything from here unless you want really bad service. We've had 2 bad experiences, the most recent one on a LG refrigerator. After we did research we found many other people having the problem--Gerhard's wasn't really interested in assisting us either and was pretty much zero help - told us we needed to contact the manufacturer.

A bit more research and we found that there was a class action lawsuit on these refrigerators. Don't you think that Gerhard's should have a bit of awareness on what they are selling or have sold?

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"We at Gerhart's work hard to please our customers" is the single largest absolute UNTRUTH ever uttered or expressed . I will shout it from the rooftops and at every opportunity I have to I will tell the truth about the zero amount of customer service I received from this store.

Considering the amount of money I spent and the level of help I was given, anyone who buys ANYTHING.

From you people is in for a world of frustration and

disapointment , not to mention unreturned phone calls, faulty appliances and inflated prices. The owner might seriously consider cleaning house and firing everyone in the place and hiring some employees who actually care .


LG appliances are crapo! you got what you deserved


We here at Gerhards work hard to make sure our customers are happy before, during, and after making their purchase. We work everyday to please our customers and should you need any assistance in this matter please feel free to contact us. We are here to help.

Gerhards Appliance Inc

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